Welcome to MEA Virtual website.

We are a group of Lebanese aviation and flight simulation enthusiasts who are passionate about Middle East Airlines and its alliance partners. We Simulate real MEA flights using Microsoft's Flight Simulator , 2004 or Flight Simulator X, but we have no commercial purpose. We enjoy flying on VATSIM.

NOTICE: "We are in no way affiliated with the real-life Middle East Airlines". If you are looking for their site, then we kindly ask you to CLICK HERE.
This statement is the solid base of our webpage and would not accept any claims from real Middle East Airlines or any other third parties around this Webpage and statement.

New members who would like to join MEAVA please click signup and you will be redirected to a sign up page; after submitting you will receive a confirmation mail with a link to your activation code. Just activate and download VAFS5 to start operating MEAVA.

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